Quality car and motorbike repairs
in Ashford, Kent

Our team of experienced, professional mechanics have the skills, knowledge, and expertise to carry out car and motorbike repairs of all types and sizes in Ashford, Kent. We understand the importance of high-quality repairs and will make sure that your vehicle is safe and ready for the road as efficiently as possible. No matter the nature of your mechanical or electrical issue, we’ll explain our solution in clear terms so that you understand exactly what repairs we’re completing and why. Our expert repair service surpasses main dealers for its quality, customer experience, and value for money. Call 01233 877797 or email admin@rkhserviceandrepair.co.uk to arrange your car or motorbike repairs in Ashford, Kent.

What makes professional
car and motorbike repairs so important?


Investing in high-quality repairs leads to lasting results. By identifying and addressing the root cause of any issues, we spare our customers the inconvenience and cost of developing recurring or more serious problems in the future. Also, by using parts from reputable, reliable manufacturers, we ensure your vehicle is treated with care and attention.


Hiring experienced mechanics to repair your car or motorbike ensures that you’ll receive an efficient and effective solution to your issue. Our team’s knowledge and attention to detail results in a repair service that maintains the highest standards whilst avoiding the need for a lengthy diagnostics process. Our professional repairs service saves time and hassle.


Having your car or motorbike repaired by a professional mechanic allows you to be confident that all the work has been completed responsibly and in a manner that makes sure your vehicle is safe to drive. Our team carries out their work to the highest standard, accounting for each detail and ensuring the safety of our customers and their passengers.


Receiving professional attention helps your car or motorbike to remain in top working condition. Our thorough approach and quality customer experience ensure that you’ll receive the attention your issue requires. Our team are trained to do everything they can to help our customers and will always take the time to repair difficult, hard to find, or intermittent issues.

Receive a
fast quote

Call 01233 877797 or email admin@rkhserviceandrepair.co.uk to receive a fast quote for car or motorbike repairs in Ashford, Kent. A member of our team will respond as soon as possible within working hours, making sure your vehicle receives the attention it deserves.


What makes RKH Service And Repair
the right choice for
car and motorbike repairs in Ashford, Kent?

Excellent customer experience

You’ll be looked after by our friendly and approachable team when you visit us. We’re happy to answer any questions and will make sure that you feel comfortable whilst we’re working on your vehicle. We even have a designated waiting area with refreshment and toilet facilities.

Competitive pricing

You’ll receive excellent value for your money. By pricing our car and motorbike repairs competitively, we make sure that we are always doing the right thing for our customers. Our team are also trained not to upsell or recommend work that your vehicle doesn’t absolutely need.

Clear communication

You’ll receive a clear, easy to follow explanation of all the work we’ve carried out on your car or motorbike. Our team use layman’s terms and provide helpful documentation so that you have a full understanding of the nature and need for our repairs.

Thorough approach

Your car or motorbike will be repaired by an expert mechanic – our team has more than 75 years’ combined experience. We pay attention to every detail, making sure that we’ve identified and addressed the root cause of your vehicle’s issue so that our repairs provide a long-term solution.

Knowledgeable team

Our team has extensive hands-on experience with a wide range of cars, motorbikes, and goods vehicles. We understand how to locate, assess, and fix issues efficiently so that you aren’t kept waiting for suitable repairs. We’re well known in Ashford for the quality of our facilities, equipment, and staff.

Great availability

You’ll be able to book your car or motorbike repairs quickly and conveniently. We know how much hassle breakdowns can cause, that’s why we’ll do everything we can to minimise your time without a working vehicle. We have the resources and capacity to offer great availability for our customers.

Hear from our customers

Where can I find quality car or motorbike repairs near me in Ashford?

You’ll find our garage within the KPC Business Centre, Canterbury Road, Ashford, Kent, TN24 0BP. Our expert team is equipped to repair cars, motorbikes, and goods vehicles, making us a convenient and reliable choice for customers throughout Ashford, Kent, and the surrounding local area.

Fleet management

We’re equipped to work on vehicles up to five tonnes, making us an excellent choice for companies in Ashford with a fleet of large goods vehicles that require professional maintenance and support. Our team can service and repair your fleet, as well as taking care of more specific requirements such as wheel alignment, air conditioning, diagnostics, and replacement tyres. If this service is of interest to you and your business, please call 01233 877797 or email admin@rkhserviceandrepair.co.uk for further details.

Wide-ranging vehicle
maintenance expertise

We aren’t limited to just repairs. Our experienced mechanics provide a range of specialist vehicle maintenance services that are designed to look after your car or motorbike and ensure you benefit from our professional support.

RKH Service And Repair

Call 01233 877797 or email admin@rkhserviceandrepair.co.uk to discuss our expert vehicle maintenance services and receive a fast quote. We’ll provide the professional support that your car or motorbike needs.