To remain safe whilst on the road, the tyres of your motorbike should remain in supreme condition. If this alters, you could risk putting the safety of yourself and other road users in danger. Multiple factors of riding on the road could result in damage occurring to your tyres, so it is crucial that you assess the entirety of both wheels as frequently as possible. This month, we walk through the possible damage that you may encounter, and what to do if this occurs.

Requirements for a replacement


You’ve suffered a puncture

As durable as tyres are, there are a handful of impacts that could result in yours experiencing a puncture, such as riding over a loose nail in the road. Dependant on the precise location of the damage, a professional may be able to carry out a repair, but it can often be safer to arrange for a full replacement.

The tread has been worn down

After riding your motorbike for an extended period of time, the tyres are likely to wear down. If the tread limit has been reached, you should arrange for a replacement immediately. Without meeting the legal tread requirement for your vehicle, you risk reducing your grip performance, creating way for potential danger on the road.

Your tyres are showing signs of natural wear

Of course, there will be some riders who use their vehicles more than others and so natural signs of wear may appear sooner, but as a general rule, we would suggest getting your tyres assessed by a professional mechanic every five years, allowing a specialist assessment to take place.

Your tyres are displaying signs of damage

Tyre damage doesn’t come solely in the form of punctures. Grinding your wheels against a kerb, utilising the motorbike with a deflating tyre or riding over holes in the road are just a few of the instances which could cause irreparable damage. This can most often be seen in the form of:

  • A hole or rip in the tyre
  • A bubble on the side of the tyre
  • The tread rubber altering in appearance or becoming unstuck

However, there are other forms of visible damage that could appear upon your tyres, so if anything appears worrying, suspicious of out of the ordinary, get in touch with a professional.

What to do when your tyre has suffered damage

If you notice that your tyres are displaying signs of damage, it is important that you remain off of the motorbike, or if you are currently on the road, pull over to a safe place smoothly and slowly with minimal turning. Whilst some damage can be repaired, there are cases where a replacement may be your only option. When safe and away from the motorbike, call for roadside assistance or, if nearby, book an appointment with your local mechanic.

Tyre replacements aren’t uncommon, but there are many road users who operate both cars and motorbikes who are unsure of the correct process, as well as choosing the correct tyre. Whilst they can be completed simply if you withhold the knowledge, we would always recommend arranging an appointment with a reputable mechanic, allowing them to remove and replace the tyre correctly and safely, allowing you to ride away in confidence.

If you are currently encountering an issue with the tyres of your vehicle, no matter if it be two or four wheeled (possibly even three!), we are here to help. Get in touch with our reputable team at RKH Service & Repair by calling 01233 877797 or emailing and we will be delighted to get you back onto the road safely.