With the sporadic summer weather coming to an end and winter slowly approaching, spending a few moments to assess the condition of your car could save you from any costly repairs or breakdown risks. We have put together a simple checklist to aid you in keeping your vehicle safe and running smoothly this winter.

Check the battery

With an average lifespan of around five years, the batteries in our cars are responsible for a lot. However, winter can find a way to speed up their inevitable end. With the temperature adding strain to its power, you may notice the cold taking a toll on your lights, windscreen wipers, or heater. Before winter approaches, book in with your local mechanic who will be able to assess the battery and replace it if required.

Assess your tyres

The tyres of your vehicle are essential for safe steering, braking and driving of your car. This is why it is fundamentally important that your tyres are assessed and in good condition during the winter. After checking and restoring pressure by use of an air pump (if necessary), check the tread. You can do this by inserting a 20p into the groove and watching to see if the outer band remains visible. If it does not, your tyres meet the legal tread depth requirement and will provide you with the necessary grip and control you need on the road.

Stock up on antifreeze and protect your engine

When temperatures begin to fall, your antifreeze could be at risk of freezing if it hasn’t been mixed properly. The mix should measure a straight 50/50 split between water and anti-freeze. Too much water could result in a freeze, and incorrect measurements could prevent your engine from cooling properly, resulting in a costly repair.

Check your wipers and fill your fluid

In colder weather, it can be common for cracked windshields to worsen, often shattering under the pressure. Examine your front and rear windscreens for signs of damage and repair them as soon as possible. You should also ensure that your wiper fluid is topped up, allowing you to clear your windscreen effectively, as well as fighting the risks of freezing by keeping it topped up and ensuring it is full.

Pack a winter kit

You can never be too safe, no matter the length of your journey. Packing a winter safety kit can provide you with all the essentials you should need if you find yourself in a spot of car trouble. You kit should include a torch with spare batteries, a mobile phone and charger, a blanket, a high-visibility vest, non-perishable food and drink and an ice scraper.

Arrange for a service

Its no secret that cars can start to reveal issues in the colder months. With help of a service, you can prevent these issues, locating any developing problems and repairing them before they turn into something costly or dangerous. With expert knowledge, a mechanic can carry out any of the above checks, plus more, in further detail, providing you with the utmost confidence in your vehicle.

Here at RKH Service and Repair, our family-run team are on hand to provide you with servicing, repairs and MOTs for vehicles on two, three or four wheels! Keep your vehicle safe this winter with the aid of our experts. Give us a call on 01233 877797 or email us at for any queries, or to book in with us.