When owning a motorbike, we can guarantee that you will want it to be looking and performing at its best. To ensure this is possible, you must book your motorbike in for regular servicing – just as you would with your car. It is vital that your bike is considered safe for the road, both for your own safety and the safety of other road users, but what is involved in a motorcycle service and how often is this required?

Why your motorbike needs regular servicing

Just as it would with a four-wheeled vehicle, servicing provides both peace of mind and safety to every rider. Journeying on a vehicle that lacks perimeter protection can be a daunting thing, and the risk of a breakdown or part malfunction could be seen as one risk too many. A motorcycle service can deliver confidence in the fact that your motorbike is safe to ride, whilst assuring you that it is performing to its full potential.

How often you should get your motorbike serviced

As an overview for every rider, we would recommend that your motorbike undergoes a service once a year. There can also be requirements for a full service once a certain mileage has been reached, but these could vary from bike to bike, as well as by age. You can schedule your service for the same time as your bike MOT, or stagger it, allowing for six-monthly inspections on your vehicle. This provides reassurance at two points during the year.

What happens during a motorbike service?

There are four main levels of servicing that your motorbike could undergo. These include:

  • Interim service
  • Annual service
  • Major service
  • Full service

Whilst each of these service types vary, within them, a range of the same essential maintenance checks will get carried out. This includes:

  • An inspection of bulbs at the front, rear and side of the bike
  • An inspection of the clutch
  • An inspection of spark plugs
  • An inspection of nuts and bolts across the bike
  • A changeover of oil filters
  • An inspection of the brake and coolant fluids

Within each of the separate service types, additional tests will be undertaken. These include road tests, inspection of the tyres, suspension, and brake pads, and a detailed full history check. To find out which type of motorcycle service you require, get in touch with a professional to receive expert advice based on your requirements.

How long will a motorbike service take?

Giving a precise answer to this common question can be difficult, but motorcycle servicing will typically be completed within the same day. However, there can be factors which extend this time, such as repair or replacement work for faulty parts that are discovered. In this instance, your mechanic may decide to hold onto your motorbike for an additional day or two.

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