Christmas decorations are seen in many places during the festive period, but rarely on vehicles. There is a reason for this – your safety. However, there are guidelines which, if followed correctly, will ensure you are free to decorate as you please. We aren’t here to dull the Christmas cheer, so let us walk you through them!

Secure it

As December approaches, you may begin to notice the frequency of four-wheeled Rudolph’s rising. However, rather than pulling a sleigh, they can be found upon a vehicle filled with excited children or proud drivers. With a pair of antlers secured to the windows and a soft red nose tied to the grill, these decorations are classed as safe, secure, and appropriate for the road.

Another common car decoration which meets these criteria is the use of a strand of tinsel to line the front or rear windscreen. Just place this across the dashboard or boot cover. However, to ensure safety has been considered, the tinsel must be fully secured and not blocking the way of any air vents. This will prevent it from being blown out of place. Unsecured tinsel risks being swept into the footwell of vehicles, tangling around or blocking the brakes or vehicle controls.

Turn off those lights

As Coldplay once sung, those Christmas lights really do light up the streets, which is why it’s unsafe to display them on your vehicle! As pretty as they can be, additional lighting on your car can confuse or distract other drivers, risking an accident on the road. Your vehicle’s main lights must remain visible and clear, allowing those around you to be confident about your presence, signals, braking, and reversing.

Clear your viewpoints

In the same way as we are taught with poor weather, you must not drive if the view out of any of your windows or mirrors is obstructed. This means that any decorations such as tinsel, wreaths, or ornaments that stand in the way of these viewpoints will be classed as unsafe and risk causing harm to you or other road users.

Clear your surroundings

This one is probably self-explanatory, but there’s no harm in a little prompt. It is important to remember that any external decorations are small so that they don’t run the risk of causing harm to passing vehicles and pedestrians or becoming caught under height restrictions and bridges. No matter how festive you may be, it will not be deemed acceptable to go above and beyond with your vehicle decorations in this way.

Keep it down

It may seem tempting as the day approaches, excitement heightens, and passers-by find enjoyment in your decorated vehicle, but it is important for your safety and awareness to keep any festive tunes playing at a safe, low volume. In fact, Section 52 of the Police Reform Act 2002 states that police officers are entitled to pull over drivers who appear to be causing stress or annoyance to locals! Whilst it may not seem too holly or jolly, it is also for your safety, ensuring you can hear the engine and become alerted if the condition of the vehicle changes.

The consequences

If you fail to comply to the rules surrounding vehicle decorations this Christmas, you could risk receiving a fine, 3-points on your licence, or even a complete driving ban. Even worse, you could risk causing harm to yourself, as well as other road users and pedestrians. The risks aren’t worth it and most definitely won’t lead to a very merry Christmas.

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