High quality tyres are crucial for the safety of your vehicle, other road users and yourself all year round, so it is important that you make the most suitable choice for yours, whether it be a car, bike or van. There are many factors to take into consideration to ensure that safety remains prominent, so let’s take a look through them.

Observe the specifications

On the side of a tyre, you will see an 8-digit specification code. The first 3 digits relate to the width of the tyre in millimeters. For example, the tyre code 205/55R16 (the UKs most common tyre specification code) shows that the tyre measures in 205 millimeters.

The 4th and 5th figures represent the height of the tyre sidewall represented as a percentage of an aspect ratio. So, the above specification shows that the height of the tyre is 55% of its previously stated width.

Radial tyres are then stated by the letter R shown immediately after the 5th digit. Radial tyres are extremely common and constructed with 90-degree angled cord plies which provide the tyre with additional strength.

The final two digits represent the diameter of the tyre itself in inches, allowing you to know which size wheel it can be safely secured to. So, in the above-mentioned example, the diameter of the tyre will be 16 inches.

All four tyres, plus the spare should be of the same model and size to comply with UK road safety legislations.

Observe the price

As with most things, consumers make their decision on an item based upon its price. Whilst all tyres for sale comply with UK safety regulations, there will be a logical reason as to why these costs vary, so it is important that if you are unsure you speak to a professional for an accurate explanation. There will be varied options available, such as premium, mid-range and cost-efficient which all aid vehicles in safe driving but their performance on suspension and lifespan will vary.

Consult with a professional

When it comes to safety on the road, we always advise speaking to a professional. These trained and qualified mechanics will be able to provide you with advice and assistance in fitting the tyres safely, ensuring that safety remains prominent on the road.

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